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3rd Annual TRIB Trip Announced!

Sep 7, 2018

 Specifics About the Retreat:

What: A 4-night vacation with other TRIB members (owners / executives) and their spouses/significant others, to relax and get to know one another in a casual setting – sharing personal and business ideas in an upscale, small resort setting.

Where: Catamaran Resort, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

When: May 5 thru May 9, 2019
Cost:   Varies (depending on vendor participation)   

You will pay for the room and flight, and then receive checks on the trip, based on your participation in the vendor program. Additionally, vendors will be sponsoring various activities throughout the trip. Room information is at the bottom of this document.

For more information please contact:

Dan Fisher:      717-368-6311
Dennis Shields:    770-451-4302 x 1