Meet Recently Published Larry & Sharon Carrico!

Rent One Founders Larry and Sharon Carrico have set their story to print!

With a goal of sharing, honestly and wholeheartedly, what it was like to build a successful business and a strong marriage over more than four decades, Own Your Life:On Building a Family Business and Leaving a Legacy is a book about dreaming big and giving back. 
“In this book we talk about what worked and what didn’t, and we take a peek at how all these ventures impacted our lives at home. The joy of being business owners, community supporters, parents, and grandparents is all the sweeter because the road was not always clear or smooth (and you’re going to read about a lot of those bumps in the road)! It is our genuine hope that our mistakes, missteps, and life lessons will inspire you with the grace of faith, forgiveness, and fortitude we rely on every day. No matter what shadows of doubt and despair we face, they will eventually fade in the light of love. We hope you see, as we do, that life is beautiful, always.” – Larry & Sharon Carrico 
Own Your Life is being published by Advantage Books, an imprint of Advantage Media Group. Advantage Media authors comprise an exclusive community of industry professionals, idea-makers, and thought leaders. The 175-page publication, which consists of eleven chapters and features multiple family photos, will be available for purchase in paperback and Kindle editions on Sept. 5, 2023, and is presently available for preorder on Amazon.

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ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Larry and Sharon Carrico are both products of hardworking parents who taught them the importance of showing up and doing your best for your family and community. With extraordinary dedication, they built multiple businesses including Rent One, which employs hundreds of Americans and serves thousands of customers. Larry and Sharon raised their three children in the same tradition of giving back and founded the Great Expectations Foundation to provide funding for organizations focused on education, fitness, and wellness, as well as emotional and spiritual development. The couple loves to travel, read, and spend time with their grandchildren.