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Welcoming New Members...

May 1, 2020

RTO Business Owners continue to see value in the numerous benefits and the strength in the TRIB Group resources... which has been recently reinforced by the addition of a number of new member locations!  Existing members have been very vocal in sharing the benefits with their industry peers in these challenging times and has resulted in more than a dozen new locations being added to the TRIB Group membership family.

Our buying group has been fortunate and skillful enough to source highly sought-after items in the challenging week of the COVID-19 pandemic, including refridgeration, air conditioners, select electronics and gaming systems, PPE products and disinfecting products.

TRIB Group is proud to continue to support our membership in any area that is needed... As stated by a member on our most recent National Membership Call, "My membership has been more valuable to me in recent weeks than I ever could have known; through online meetings & updates on inventory solutions, live training on social media, marketing & selling, and the comaraderie of my peers".