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2018 TRIB Trip Announced

Aug 10, 2017

 Second Annual TRIB Retreat

We are pleased to announce the second annual TRIB retreat!  We realize there are other vendor trips out there which may cost you less money out-of-pocket than this retreat.  However…

o   Attendees of the 2017 trip shared how much they enjoyed the event and how much they wanted to continue this annual TRIB event.

o   This year we have new vendors including PTS Financial, RTO solutions, and Generations Jewelry participating, along with last year’s supporters – Symbol Mattress company, United Furniture, Million Dollar Rustic, and Whirlpool. More details to follow on the TRIP dollars you can earn from each of these vendors.

o   Each year we will research and find a unique, fantastic resort to visit – hopefully a place that many of you have never been (or, if you have, we hope you have been eager to return).

o   Come join us for a relaxed and unique networking opportunity with TRIB members and supporting vendors.

Specifics About the Retreat:

What:  A 4-night get away with other TRIB members (owners / executives) and their spouses/significant others, to relax and get to know one another in a casual setting – sharing personal and business ideas in an upscale, small resort setting.

Where:  Ramon’s Village, Ambergris Caye, Belize. This is a gorgeous resort styled after the Tahitian cottages of Bora Bora.    Click Here to learn more about this unique resort.

When:  Sunday May 6 thru Thursday May 10, 2018   (feel free to extend longer on either side!)

Cost:  Varies, depending ondollars earned by each attending company and accommodation package chosen.   

                You will pay for the room and flight, and then receive checks on the trip, based on your participation in the vendor programs.  Additionally, vendors will be sponsoring several dinners and excursions on the trip.  Room information is at the bottom of this document.


For more information please contact:

Dan Fisher:      717-368-6311

Dennis Shields:    770-451-4302 x 1