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Jul 15, 2019

This is the fourth year of our annual TRIB retreat!  We are excited to offer a "blast from the past" experience - for those of you who attended the Welton USA vendor trip 6 years ago to this amazing property.

What: A 4-night vacation with other TRIB members (owners / executives) and their spouses/significant others, to relax and get to know one another in a casual setting – sharing personal and business ideas in an upscale, small resort setting.

Where: Sandals Emerald Bay (Great Exuma, Bahamas) - Emerald Bay (click Here)

When: Sat May 30 – Wed June 3, 2020   (+ any additional days you would like)
Cost:   Varies (depending on vendor participation)  

You will pay for the all-inclusive room and flight, and then receive checks on the trip, based on your participation in the vendor program. Additionally, vendors will be sponsoring various activities throughout the trip. Room information is below.

For more information please contact:

Dan Fisher:      717-368-6311

Dennis Shields:    770-451-4302 x 1

 Rooms:   Time is of the essence – there are limited rooms available.

All-inclusive Beach House Oceanview Grande Luxe Club Level Room:   $3348.76/couple

·        Includes all-inclusive Room (2 people) for four nights, welcome reception, group farewell dinner, plus other miscellaneous extras to be determined! 

·        Additional room nights are available

·        Many room upgrade options are available for additional fee.

Preliminary Agenda:

               Saturday evening May 30: Arrivals and welcome reception

               Sunday May 31: Group activity or excursion / evening free

               Monday: Free Day (golf, fishing, other excursion options on your own or with vendor partners)

               Tuesday: Free Day / Farewell Dinner
               Wednesday: Departures (or, stay longer!)
Payment Details:

               Once you express interest, we will connect you with our travel agency, who will take care of your deposits.

               There are strict cancellation policies and dates, so please read the travel agency email carefully.

               We expect this to be a popular trip, so please book early. We have limited rooms available.

Thank you to our PARTNER Sponsors:

Symbol Mattress ( Sponsoring individuals via 1% rebate on all purchases April 1 - March 31)

United Furniture (Sponsoring individuals via 1% rebate from Sep 2019 - Dec 2019)

RES (sponsoring individuals via 1% rebate on sleep safe encasements and sleep safe memory foam hybrid mattresse platform and adjustable bases from Aug 6-Dec 31, 2019)

PTS: Up to $500 for each affliate dealer attending the retread.

New Generations Jewelry (sponsoring individuals via 1% rebate from August 2019 thru March 2020)

L2 (sponsoring indivudials via 0.25% on all purchases from Aug 1 - Jan 31)

Thank you to our ACTIVITY Sponsors:

PTS Financial Excursion

You will be responsible for scheduling your own flights to Great Exuma, Bahamas (the travel agent can help / give you details and best practices)